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Manchester Business Summit

Posted by superuser on Monday 24th of October 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

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Hey, I am a panelist at Manchester Business Summit organised by Manchester Business School. Would be great to see you there.

Manchester Business Summit 2011 Overview

Click on the thumbnail to download details or read online:

Recommended Reading List - Oct 2011 by Techcelerate

Posted by superuser on Friday 7th of October 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

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Continuous Learning for Tech Entrepreneurs

+ Chamath Palihapitiya Decries Airbnb’s Recent $112M Funding for Founder Control and Cash-Out - Good article about cashing out early by founders in an unfair manner.

+ Mental Model for Minimal Viable Products by Chris Maccann

+ Are MBAs Necessary for Start-ups or VC? by Mark Suster

Coverage of Techcelerate Member Companies

+ How AssuredSale plans to disrupt the UK housing market - Launch of AssuredSale, a techstartup we know very well, with a mission to disrupt the house buying market.

APP55 wins Best eCommerce Payment Innovation award at eCommerce Expo 2011

+ Press coverage from Intuitive Business Intelligence

Intuitive Business Intelligence Opens Office in Americas Harper Adams University College Improves Student Experience with Intuitive Dashboards Intuitive Business Intelligence Announces Reseller Partnership with Sage Reseller Ensphere Consulting

Product Development

+ The Tech Behind

Tech StartUp Founders Club

Posted by superuser on Monday 3rd of October 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

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We held inaugural Tech Startup CEO Club on 22nd September 2011. CEOs from following companies attended the inaugural event.

edocr_darkbg_small.gif assuredsale1.jpg malinko-logo.png touchip.gif make your move logo.png construqtive.gif

David Smith from AXM Ventures and Anne Dornan (ex Manchester Knowledge Capital) attended the networking session.


Following points were raised as issues for discussion over the next 12 months at monthly meetups.

1. Pricing
2. Alignment with a changing market
3. Product Development
4. Startup tools
5. Investments & consequences
6. Routes to market - channels
7. Hiring and firing
8. Admin, VAT, finance
9. Payment collection
10. Growing pains
11. Competitors
12. Support
13. PR - image


At each meetup, 2 points from above will be discussed in detail during the first 60 minutes. During the next 30 minutes, 3 CEOs will get 10 minutes each to discuss their key challenges. Last 30 mins is for networking with investors.

Meetups will run from 4 to 6pm at Tech Centre Manchester once a month. Each meetup will be capped for a maximum of 12 people. Only Tech CEOs can attend these events.

4 VCs Representing over $2 billion in Manchester

Posted by superuser on Monday 3rd of October 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

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Techcelerate Dragons Lair was held on 28th September 2011 at Tech Centre Manchester, having held a similar event 9 months before. This time, we had 4 Venture Capitalists representing well over $2 billion in funds


All web video on your TV - coming closer

Posted by benhookway on Thursday 29th of September 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

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Vidiactive has launched it's VideoBee TV App to beta testers.

It will enable any web video that you watch on your laptop to be seen on TV, as a TV experience. No key board and mouse on your lap!


Silicon Valley comes 2 UK Appathon in Cambridge now open!

Posted by benfwirtz on Thursday 29th of September 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

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The Silicon Valley comes 2 UK event series 2011 are kicking off with an Appathon, with all expenses paid trips to Silicon Valley to be won! Registrations are open now at


Do Digital Or Dr Dolittle?

Posted by MalcolmEvans on Wednesday 14th of September 2011 | 1 Comment(s)

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Digital’s sort of doing my head and I wonder if you can help me.

On the one hand there’s a sense that we are missing a trick and on the other a creeping realisation that we may be confusing chalk and cheese.

Is Digital so regimented that only the U.S. can do the big platforms, with Europe and the Israel and Australian pockets condemned to the add-on gizmos if they are lucky and, more realistically, the grunt and grind of routine web work?

I’ve been talking to some of the great and good of Digital in Manchester the last few days. And in their personal skills they are indeed great, and in their desire and matching actions to see the sector thrive, they are indeed seeking to do good.

But I’ve been asking a question which no-one can answer, least of all me: “Are we on the verge of economic breakthrough with Digital, or is Digital here more of a style movement than a serious commercial sector?”

Think about it -

Is it look good, or grow good companies good?

Is it a question of continuing to evolve the capability, ambition and precision of the sector, or is what we have now just about the best we are going to get?

Is it talking to the commercial world outside, or is there just a lot of talk to the knowing animals inside a world of secret magic?

- Come on all you Digitalisti; think up a “hot one” which you can build and which I can use and fund!

Malcolm Evans is a Manchester business funding activist.

Recommended Reading List - Aug 2011 by Techcelerate

Posted by superuser on Monday 5th of September 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

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Recommended Reading List - Aug 2011 by Techcelerate


IC tomorrow and Abertay University launch Future Games Contest

Posted by Techcelerate on Thursday 18th of August 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

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IC tomorrow has teamed up with University of Abertay Dundee to bring you the £100k Future Games Contest.

Future Games aims to find budding developers who have innovative ideas and projects relating to gaming technology. Abertay was the first university in the UK to offer a degree focusing on video games. Their experience in this field along with IC tomorrow’s expertise getting new apps off the ground makes them the perfect team to help push forward innovation in gaming.


Looking for Investment in your FinTech Startup?

Posted by on Sunday 7th of August 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

Anonymous's picture

The UK has a new investment fund, backed by ICAP that is actively looking to invest in Financial Services focused startups, are you one of them ?

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