Lead Capturing to Closure - The Marketing, Sales and Revenue Funnel

2012-07-12 18:00
2012-07-12 21:00

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Success of Tech Companies, relies on the ability to attract prospects and then convert them into paying customers.

SaaS web apps like CapsuleCRM.com, edocr.com, Bufferapp.com and similar companies rely on visitors trialling the product and then upgrading to pricing plans upon satisfactory conclusion of the trials. Products like Intuitive Business Intelligence's sales funnel include identifying the target customer and then nurturing that prospect through marketing and sales to eventual conversion.

What are the key stages and best practices of these processes? Join us to hear from the pros....




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Tom Cheesewright - CANDDi

CANDDi Prospect Analytics turns web visitors into customers by answering three key questions: who are they, what do they want, and how much do they want it. It gives you the analysis to understand prospects and the tools to interact, enabling you to sell more, more efficiently. Tom will share insights into the CANDDi team's experience of managing the funnel, and explain how they and others are applying the product to enhance the Revenue Cycle.

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Manuel Da Costa - BrideBook

Manuel is following lean startup methodologies pioneered by Eric Ries, Steve Case, Ash Maurya et al in developing his tech company. He is focusing on customer validation, and then applying that learning to improve his product, and achieve product/market fit. Manuel will share his learnings, which could be applied alongside the Revenue Funnel, which Manoj will speak of

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Manoj Ranaweera - edocr.com

Manoj is currently in the process of aligning edocr.com to Revenue Performance Management solutions, and especially marketing automation software, emerging from the US. Manoj will share his insights, and how similar thinking could be applied to any company in terms of managing the Revenue Funnel

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Anish Kapoor - Yuuguu

Anish will share how Yuuguu manages it's Revenue Funnel. Yuuguu which was funded by regional VCs is now part of Powwownow.


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Disclaimer: The format may change to suit the speakers and presenting companies. The event will be filmed and photographs taken for display on this website and elsewhere.


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