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Dr Phil Worthington
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CompetitiveUrge Ltd and PostureMinder Ltd
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Managing Director
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I've started two technology businesses (actually three, but I don't have time to describe the 3rd right now!) in the last few years is the social networking site for anyone who likes a challenge, from enthusiastic sportspeople, to those looking for a bit of added motivation to get fit or lose weight, to people who like taking on friends at fun challenges.

We aim to build a large and active worldwide community of friendly rivals who take one another on at user-created challenges and then banter, debate and show-off about their performance. The site will be monetised through a mixture of advertising (attractive demographic + ability to target ads at users' specific interests) and white-label sales (e.g. to health club chains as a member benefit/ retention tool), although there are a number of additional revenue streams.

To date it's been developed as an (expensive) hobby by myself and my brother, but we're now getting around 15K unique visitors per month with zero marketing spend and minimal marketing effort. We've also been accepted onto the NWDA High Growth Programme and are convinced that, with backing, we can turn it into a very successful and profitable business that will be attractive for purchase by a larger brand.

PostureMinder is award-winning software to help computer users protect their health and well-being, and by extension boost their performance and productivity, by improving their posture and working habits. Its key innovation is to use any low-cost webcam to actually check your posture, so the software can remind you about it precisely when you need it - when you've been sitting badly for a while.
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SK11 7EA
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Investment in CompetitiveUrge to turn a hobby site into a full-blown social networking site for competitive sportspeople (or just anyone who likes to add a bit of fun and motivation to their fitness or weight loss goals by taking part in new challenges)

Also business development and marketing advice to grow the site, or to assist my other business, PostureMinder, reach the market with its innovative software solution

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I am looking for seed corn funding


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